Ecologicity, Vision and the Planetarity of Art

Ecologicity, Vision and the Planetarity of Art considers the aesthetic and perceptual dimensions of visualizing the ecological condition. I theorize the interplay between artistic propositions for inhabiting the planet and the readjusted parameters of perception demanded by ecology. I consider how visual culture mediates our capacity to think ecologically; how ecology transforms perceptual limits, compelling us to refigure environments, and how these concerns dovetail and diverge with the politics of land and Indigenous sovereignty. (In progress)

Related Publications:

“At the Moraine,” with Jeff Diamanti, E-flux Architecture, “Accumulation” series edited by Daniel Barber (2020).

“Ecologicity, Vision and the Neurological System,” in Art in the Anthropocene. Eds. Heather Davis Ann Arbor: Open Humanities Press, 2015, pp. 271-282. 

Image: Shuvinai Ashoona and Shary Boyle, Universal Cobra Pussy, 2014.